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Conduct on Board

Smoking and Drinking on Board
In accordance with safety laws, smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited on all flights. Please note that only alcoholic drinks purchased on board may be consumed during the flight. reserves the right to serve alcoholic drinks at our absolute discretion.

Use of Electronic Equipment on Board

You can use all handheld electronic devices and Bluetooth gadgets, such as headphones, throughout the flight, as long as they're switched to flight mode while onboard. Larger gadgets, such as laptops, must be switched off and put away for take-off and landing. If there are any changes to this, the Captain or our Cabin Crew will let you know. 

Endangering Safety and Refusal of Carriage
The Captain of the aircraft has absolute discretion to (as appropriate) refuse to allow a customer to board, or deal with customers on board whom the Captain believes are misbehaving, acting disruptively, or otherwise endangering or inconveniencing other customers or members of the Flight Deck or Cabin Crew. Anyone falling foul of this provision shall be liable to indemnify us in full against any liability or loss we may suffer as a result. In addition, they may be prevented from flying with us in the future. will refuse to carry, or will remove en route by diverting the aircraft, any person, if in the opinion of the representative or the aircraft Captain, such action is necessary because one of the following has happened or we reasonably believe may happen:

  • Safety or security is breached.
  • To prevent violation of any applicable laws, regulations, or orders of Nation or Country to be flown from, into or over.
  • The conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition of the person is such as to render him/her incapable of caring for him/her self without assisted travel. will try to obtain supporting medical evidence, where appropriate.
  • Cause discomfort or make him/her self-objectionable to other customers, staff or crew.
  • Pose any hazard or risk to him/her self or to any other persons or to property.
  • He/she fails to observe instructions of staff or Handling Agents.
  • Any person presenting him/her self for travel, who is deemed to fall into one of the above categories, must be referred to the representative, who shall exercise discretion as to whether to exclude such a person from the flight.
  • Inability to prove identity in accordance with our requirements (click here)
  • Not medically fit to fly. will not permit any person to enter or be in an aircraft when suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or its occupants are likely to be endangered. will not permit any person(s) to act recklessly or negligently so as to endanger an aircraft or person(s) therein. will pursue a vigorous policy with the use of Law enforcement agencies towards any person who, in the opinion of the aircraft Captain, endangers the safety of the aircraft. This includes the possible diversion of the aircraft to offload an individual. Any costs involved in the diversion of the aircraft will be recharged to the individual concerned. will support the decision of its staff and/or its authorised agents to refuse embarkation to any person acting in any one of the above conditions.